There are several companies that specialize in engineering or installation of railway systems or wants to enter the market. Many of these have limited or no capacity in railway signalling systems.

We specialize in assisting such companies with engineering assignments or turnkey contracts where signalling systems are included. To avoid ending up in a competitive relationship with our customers, we do not carry out engineering contracts directly towards the end customers.

We have extensive experience from engineering assignments for Bane NOR and also experience from engineering of light rail projects in Oslo.

Our assignments are carried out by personnel with signalling certifications from Bane NOR, and many years of experience in engineering, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of railway signalling systems.

We can assist with the following:

  1. Engineering management
  2. Surveys, registration and inspection of existing infrastructure
  3. Control of site documentation
  4. Technical clarifications
  5. Assistance during engineering
  6. Quality control and approval of signalling drawings
  7. Cost estimates
  8. Material lists
  9. Preparation of test specifications and associated checklists
  10. Registrations in Bane NOR’s Bane Data

Documentation according to Bane NOR’s signalling process  

For additional information on our assignments and previous projects, please refer to our projects .

Do want to know more about our services or for any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Throughout the years, ProRail has carried out many large assignments. Read more about some of our previous projects.

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