Many companies specialize as contractors for railway infrastructure, occasionally performing such turnkey contracts or wanting to enter the market. Often there is limited or no capacity available within the field of railway signalling.

We specialize in assisting such companies with projects where signalling systems are included. To avoid ending up in a competitive relationship with our customers, we do not perform installation contracts on our own.

We offer personnel with many years of experience with installation, operation and maintenance of signalling systems in roles such as:

  1. Project manager
  2. Site manager on behalf of infrastructure managers
  3. Site manager on behalf of contractors
  4. Certified quality lead auditor

We can assist with:

Tender and bid phase:

  1. Resource calculations
  2. Time planning and detailed planning of shutdown periods
  3. Material lists
  4. RFQ’s and negotiations with subcontractors and suppliers
  5. Tender documentation
  6. Clarifications and negotiations with end customer

Installation phase:

  1. Planning
  2. Site management of internal and hired resources
  3. Certified signalling personnel for access to operational signalling sites
  4. Technical and administrative follow-up during installation
  5. Contract management and change management
  6. As-built documentation
  7. Internal audits / HES- and quality audits of subcontractors and suppliers
  8. Track possessions and planning of shutdown periods
  9. Persons in charge of possessions (“HSV”) connected to the execution of the assignment

For additional information on our assignments and previous projects, please refer to our projects.

Do want to know more about our services or for any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Throughout the years, ProRail has carried out many large assignments. Read more about some of our previous projects.

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