Installation control

According to technical regulations for Bane NOR, installation control shall be performed of all new signalling systems and after modifications of existing ones. We offer independent execution of installation control of signalling systems of all types and sizes.

Installation control of signalling systems shall prove correct installation in accordance with site documentation and requirements in technical regulations and requirements specifications.

The scope of installation control is:

  1. Verification of documentation
  2. Control of all components
  3. Wire check
  4. Insulation measurement
  5. Voltage control and adjustments

The installation control is documented in the site documentation and in specific protocols with associated checklists and measurements.

The installation control will be performed by personnel with signalling certifications from Bane NOR. We can provide templates for documentation or we can use documentation or documentation tools provided by the customer.

We can also assist with design of control plans, checklists and other quality documentation to meet customer requirements and later test phases of the installed system.

We have extensive experience from performing installation and installation control in many projects of varying sizes and different types of signalling systems.

For additional information on our assignments and previous projects, please refer to our projects .

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Throughout the years, ProRail has carried out many large assignments. Read more about some of our previous projects.

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