Today the ERTMS Testlab on Campus Nyland was opened. At the same time the first milestone of the Norwegian ERTMS Programme that includes permanent physical deliveries was marked.

Bane NOR’s Campus Nyland will be a technical hub for the new Norwegian ERTMS system. Large parts of all training and testing of the new system will be done on Campus Nyland. The ERTMS Testlab is an important part of Campus Nyland and will compress deliveries from all system suppliers of the ERTMS Programme – Signalling System, TMS, Onboard, GSM-R and fixed transmission network (FTN). It is so far phase 1 of the Signalling System that has been installed, together with GSM-R and FTN. The plan is to perform all acceptance testing of the new signalling system and large parts of the integration testing between the different system suppliers in the ERTMS Testlab.

ProRail AS has on behalf of Bane NOR had the responsibility for subproject management for the ERTMS Testlab during engineering, installation and testing of the system.

We congratulate Bane NOR with an impressive testlab!

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