Suppliers for National Implementation of ERTMS have been selected

Bane NOR has chosen Thales as supplier of TMS, Alstom as supplier of onboard equipment and Siemens as supplier of trackside.

After seven years of extensive cooperation with Bombardier Transportation on the ERTMS Experience Line Østfoldbanen Østre lin (ØØL) and 2 years of participation in Bombardier’s tender team for tenders for National Implementation of ERTMS, it did not go our way this time.

We congratulate Thales, Alstom and Siemens with the new big assignments and look forward to opportunities this can also provide for ProRail AS in the future!

The picture was taken from the driver’s room on the 69-set which was a test train at ØØL and shows the latest green light at Rakkestad before the old fuse system was turned off and demolished before the commissioning of the ERTMS plant on the stretch.

New assignment for Infranord Norway at Oslo S

Infranord Norge AS will build Infrastructure for the introduction of the Follo Line at Oslo S. The contract is an EPC contract and covers all railway technical areas. ProRail AS has been commissioned to assist Infranord with:

  • Project management, planning and academic coordination within the subject Signal
  • Construction manager contact regarding Signal work at Oslo S, including control of engineering documentation from the Client
  • Establish structure and build up work packages
  • Establish an overview of resource requirements for construction within the subject Signal

We thank you for your trust and look forward to a challenging assignment planned to last until 30.08.2021!

Call-off on framework agreement with Bane NOR

Bane NOR is in the final phase of the Sandnes-Stavanger project and has signed an agreement with ProRail on hiring a resource that will work with technical and operational support for project and operation.

  • Signal technical building management in accordance with Bane NOR’s management system.
  • Assist in reviewing supplier documentation for Thales L90 5 – Interlocking System.
  • Troubleshooting and completing field installations related to Thales L90 5 -Interlocking System.
  • Technical support for operational operation of the Thales L90 5 – Interlocking System with associated field installations.

We thank you for the assignment!

Extended assignment as site manager for Thales at Ski!

The assignment as site manager for Thales Norway for the rebuilding of existing signaling facilities at Ski station and the construction of a new signal system for the introduction of the Follo Line is extended until 31.12.2018.

We thank you for the assignment!

Framework agreement with Bane NOR

We have now entered into a framework agreement with Bane NOR. The framework agreement is for 3 years and includes the hiring of:

  • project
  • Design Management
  • Construction Management

We thank you for the trust that has been shown to us when awarding the contract and look forward to good cooperation in exciting projects in the future!