Bane NOR has signed an agreement with ProRail to hire a sub-project manager on Thales projects. The project has the task of upgrading software to a newer version of the Thales signalling systems that have already been commissioned. The scope of the assignment includes planning activities on site, responsibility for overseeing HSE and coordination of resources such as:
• Local signalling resources for access to technical rooms
• Technicians from Thales to carry out the modifications
• Commissioning managers (“Sluttkontrollører”)
Additional included tasks are:
• Ordering track possessions for the commissioning work
• Reviewing of technical documents
• Assist the project manager with documents
• BaneNOR’s signalling processes
• Follow-up of checklists

Planned signalling systems to be updated are Sandnes-Stavanger, Høvik station and Langset-Kleverud.

We thank Bane NOR for your confidence in us and are looking forward to the assignment!

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